Black Tea Dust

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Dust particles very similar to the fannings. Made from the broken leaves of the finest tea leaves hand picked by the tea workers of Assam.

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Specialty : Assam teas are grown in the lowlands, closer to the sea level. Tropical weather conditions prevailing here render the tea with a brisk flavor profile. The black teas produced in this region are renowned world over for their strong, bold, brisk, malty flavors and dark liquor making it an ideal pick for a breakfast tea world over.

Assam Tea Fact: The ever-popular English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast tea blends are often made using Assam black tea.

Assam Tea : The Assam tea industry is one of the most enterprising tea-producing regions in the world. Tea estates in Assam collectively produce close to 507 million kg of tea every year, making the state of Assam the world’s largest tea-growing region. The terroir of Assam is characterized as having low altitude, rich loamy soil, ample rainfall, and a tropical climate which allows the region to produce some of the best loose-leaf orthodox teas.

Assam orthodox teas are grown using Camellia sinensis var. Assamica plant and only those teas grown and manufactured in tea estates located in the Brahmaputra Valley in the North East India qualify to be called as Assam teas.

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