Return Policy

Return Policy:-

Agra Panchi Petha has long shelf life [without refrigiration ] varying from 7-20 days depending on type of petha. See the below table for details:-

 S. No. Petha  Shelf Life
1. Chocolate Petha  7-8 days
2. Paan Petha  8-10 days
3. Gulab Laddo 10-12 days
4. Doda Petha 10-12 days
5. Kancha Petha 10-12 days
6. Kesar Petha Dry 19-20 days
7.  Khus cherry Petha 19-20 days
8.  Plain Angoori Petha 9-10 days

We offer 100% refund of money in case the item delivered is either late or some packaging issue etc.

Only thing customer need to do is to drop a mail to [email protected] with the images before opening packet (in case of packaging issue ) and inside image if some issue with content.

Expected Delivery time for Few majaor Cities:-

S.No. City to City Expected Delivery Timing
1.   Agra to Pune  2-4 days
2. Agra to Hyderabad  2-5 days
3. Agra to Chennai  3-5 days
4.  Agra to Lucknow  2-4 days

Note:- Expected Delivery Timing will be counted from date of shipping [ date when package has been shipped ] not from the date of order.

Also If in case of late delivery, we will return in full (100%).